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Shivoham Technologies is serving businesses and individuals Quality Servies for more than 5 years. We better understand the current market needs very well and try hard to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We have seen that there are lots of employment opportunities in the world of information technology buy the lack of quality and industry-focused training most of the young generation is deprived of jobs. Also, Most of the IT Training Centers doesn't provide training according to the necessities of the leading IT Companies. So we have decided to support students and job seekers with our expertise and experience. We have launched a career-oriented training program named Console Dude. This training program will help them to fulfill the demands of IT Companies and job seekers as well. Following this program, We will give industry level training to the students with priority on practical approach. Our purpose is to elevate the job opportunities, encourage modern technology, and skills.

SVM Training Institute is a well-established training platform based in Gwalior. We are ready to provide internship to students from highly-experienced industry professionals. Our focus is to provide facilities and regular training to the students so they can work on the live projects under the guidance of our instructors. With our internship and training programs, We will instruct students and job seekers to be efficient in working with the modern technologies.

We have created best internship training programs on the latest technologies for the students so they can have a practical experience of work required in the industry. Following are some our internship and training programs that you need to find the job in top IT companies.


As most of the websites are built using PHP, People who want to make a successful career in website development must start learning PHP. The benefit of learning PHP is that it is very easy to learn and get a job as a PHP developer is very easy. With this PHP Internship program, Students will get the chance to work on the real-time projects and learn from the industry experts. If you want to obtain certain skills and expertise then acquiring our PHP internship & training will assist you to achieve career objectives.



Angular JS

Angular JS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks and the perfect choice to make your dream career. Its awesome features and usability make it famous & more valuable among Web Developers. You must learn Angular JS to secure a blooming career in web development. Our Angular JS Internship program is designed in a segment which divided up all of the important topics of Angular JS so you can learn step by step. You will learn the essential practices to build apps with the most current version of Angular JS. This Angular JS training course will help you to create intuitive websites using Angular and use of different modules to provide amazing functionalities to your website.

MEAN Stack

MEAN is the incorporation of four modern technologies MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS framework. This MEAN Stack Internship program consists complete learning module of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS framework. In this Mean Stack Internship program, Students will get the high standard training from professional instructors. Our MEAN Stack internship will be completed after few weeks of creative & practical-based learning. You will be able to build your own logic and use your extensive programming skills to add the functionality. The internship program will begin with the basic fundamentals and will gradually include the advanced level practices. With this Mean Stack training program, students can obtain great understanding within a short duration of time.




Mobile apps are connecting more of the planet and allowing users to engage in interesting ways than ever. With the increasing demand, Android app developers are being hired by the leading IT Companies to serve businesses and individuals. Android should be your first choice to get the enriching job of the app developer. This Android Developer Internship Program is intended to give you an absolute understanding of app development using Android. Also, the internship will give you expertise in the all components of Android Studio. You will be able to do things on your own after the completion of this Android internship & training program. The instructor at Console Dude will teach you on live projects.


Being an IOS Developer is an exceptional profession. For students who want to make the career in IOS App Development, we’ve designed this IOS Internship program to teach you the skills demanded to get high-paying jobs. Console Dude provides Best IOS Internship in Gwalior as per the modern enterprise standards. You can choose this IOS Training and Internship program to get trained by the highly-experienced professionals. Our IOS Internship Program is for both who earlier object-oriented programming experience and a beginner as well. In this IOS Internship & training program, you’ll learn to build IOS Apps to prove your expertise in iOS development. If you’re interested to learn IOS App Development from the beginning then taking this IOS Internship will be very helpful.




Java is originally designed for the web development and it is widely used by business enterprises across the globe. This is the most popular programming languages of all time. Java is developed to provide flexibility so a developer can write code to run program despite machine and platform type. The job possibilities for a Java developer are various. For the students who looking for a successful career in Java, We have built this Java Internship Program to make them skilled Java professionals. Alos, Student or people without any prior knowledge of Java will be also able to build web applications for any computing platform. The Java Internship program is here to avail the standard learning methods, material and industry experts to teach student Java from scratch.


A few years back, SEO was not a profession or career option. Almost every website owner follow some technologies and search engine rules to rank their website on the top pages of search engines. With the improvement in the technologies, implementing SEO become a tough job. From there, the need for SEO professionals risen. Now SEO is attractive career option where you only need some basic knowledge of HTML, to begin with, SEO. There are lots of job possibilities for youth in SEO. Our SEO Internship Program is customized for beginners & covers an essential aspect of SEO. Your learning method will be completely based on the based on the live project. We have a team of Digital Marketing Professionals to provide SEO Internship on live projects for students who want to begin the career in Search Engine Optimization.

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