ERP Development

ERP Development

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is typically a set of applications which is used by large organization to execute data recording and examination and lots of other activities such as:


We provide customized ERP Development Solution for mid and large size businesses!!

We at, Shivoham Technologies provide business oriented ERP Development Service in Gwalior, as per requirements of each different business; our experienced team executes deep research and analyzes your business to invent a solution that you need to run a business successfully. With skills and expertise, our team transforms your idea into user-friendly and high-performing software which solve all your business management difficulties. As our name implies, we provide cost-effective solution for every business. We have completed lots of ERP Software Development project for major business related tasks like product development and planning, Manufacturing processes, marketing, and sales etc.

We have successfully delivered ERP Solutions some of them are:

Biometric Attendance System

It is very beneficial for Schools, Colleges, and Universities & Hostels. With Our Biometric Attendance System, you can collect and Data verified through fingerprint scanner. The Institutions can verify the identity of Students & Can Prevent Proxy.

Additional Benefits

Alert through SMS to Parent In circumstances of Absenteeism. The student information is stored online and it is easily manageable.

Digital Electronic Parking

This ERP Solution is very useful in managing huge parking space. RFID based parking System, You can track & store vehicle data and Highly Safe Entry-Exit. Revenue Collection, Time frame Database, Specially developed for Metro & Semi-Metro City Traffic management.

Additional Benefits

Real-Time Data, RFID-based tracking, CCTV Footage, Continuously tracking and automated parking, a punch-card system to save material human cost.

Student Assessment System

It is very useful for Schools, Universities, and Colleges. With our Student Assessment System, you can keep complete student record related to student profile, attendance, fee structure, library & others.

College ERP

Useful to save the record of fee structure in Universities and Colleges, Student profile, Exam and Attendance record, Mess Record, Bus Record, Library Record & other essential records.

School ERP

Beneficial in Schools and universities to manage the documentation of Student Profile, Fee structure, Exam Record, Attendance Record, Library Record, Bus Record, Performance Record and other each type of important documentation.

GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

With this vehicle tracking system, it is very easy to track GPS Location of a particular vehicle. This ERP Software is very useful in transport and taxi industry.

Add-On Benefits

SMS services for the location of vehicle. Quick Alerts about the vehicle various routes and wrong routes, the detailed information about average fuel consumption.

We develop custom ERP software according to the interest of the business. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals who have complete knowledge producing cost-efficient ERP software for your business that manages your business successfully.

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